Bali Wangi are Bali exporter, wholesaler and manufacture High Quality products from Bali, Indonesia.We have Highly skilled in beachwear, jewelry, furniture, home design, and handicraft.

We have earned a reputation for competitive pricing whilst providing an unmatched personalized service, continually striving for through innovative design, attention to detail and prompt delivery.

All of our products respond to an ethics code, are hand-made and therefore unique

From the island of god, this is natural spa product that has come to define Bali as the centre of the holistic spa experience. Reflecting the scared balance of Balinese spices, we have sourced elements used in this product from the varied terrain of the island.

Bali Wangi Exotic Spa as a company which attempt spa product sector, among others
– Message Oil
– Essential Oil
– Fragrance Oil
– Bath, Body Scrub
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Shower Gel (Bath Gel)
– Bath Foam
– Bath Oil
– Hydrating Mist
– Body Lotion
– Body mask

all of them are made from natural spices with hight quality and processed by people who really pay attention to hygienic.

we expand the natural product which not change the natural characteristic of those species so they are scure for sensitive skin and secure to use in short term and long term.

No limit capacities, and guarantee time schedule

WHY MUST Bali Wangi ?
You need someone that you can rely on, that you can trust, someone to control the production, the quality and to make of your money the best investment possible. We are Bali Handicraft Exporter, Wholesale, and Manufacture

Products with Balinese artist hand you can feel here. Every product is produced with creative hands and touch of naturalistic sense. Quality is our top care. Let us to realize your imagination with natural sence.

All kinds of products bellow are our specialist :
– Handicraft
– Art Glass Painted, Sandblasted & Engraved.
– Engraved Stone & Rivers stone.
– Cast Stone & Resin.
– Games.
– Statuary.
– Water Fountains.
– Iron Art.
– Forever Candle.
– Gift, Souvenirs & Promotional Item.
– Home & Office Accessories.
– Spa Accessories.

Just send us an email and you will see that we really take care of our customers.

28 thoughts on “About Us

  1. info harga dan cara pemesanan terutam produk yang berhubungan denagn pijat dan spa
    .untuk 1 body rata2 membutuhkan berapa gram scrub dan oil pijat???

  2. Dear,

    pagi…. aku mau tanya lagi, untuk pengiriman barang kira kira berapa lama ?

    dan untuk pembelian sampel minimum pembeliannya berapa karena saya retail, saya baru mau coba pasarkan di bandung?



  3. Hai,..

    aku udah coba hampir semuanya (produknya) dan semua produknya memuaskan banget!!! pelayanannya juga ramahh…bahkan barang pesananku dianter kerumah…TOP DESTINATION banget deh disini….essential oilnya asikk banget!!!


    Putri – Lampung

  4. Dear Spa Products marketing,

    Saya baru mendirikan spa di Bandung, konsep bali spa.. dan merencanakan menjual retail products spa anda, untuk selanjutnya silahkan hubungi saya di email ini atau telp 022 HP 081

    terima kasih.

  5. saya tertarik untuk menjual kembali produk ini,…hanya di kalangan teman kantor saja. bisa tidak ya mendapatkan harga khusus dan minimum pembelian untuk reseller. Adakah harga penjualan di pasaran (untuk harga standar eceran)

  6. Hi,
    I seek mask-eyes with the jasmine, to be well.
    A friend paid some of Bali and gave me your coordinates. Thank you to say to me if you have some.
    I’m living France

  7. saya boleh minta contact number nya ga soalnya sy mau order buat salon and spa saya harganya pasti spesial kan klo order banyak sy juga butuh untuk retail thanks

  8. Dear bali wangi

    Saya berdomisi dibogor, saat ini berencana hendak membuat rumah lulur dan spa, apakah bapak masih memproduksi bahan baku untuk lulur dan spa saat ini? Apabila masih dimana saya bisa melihat harga terbaru produknya?


  9. boleh minta pricelistnya tolong email ke saya, trus mau nanya kalo mau private brand bagaimana prosedurnya dan untuk perizinan siapa yang melakukan misalnya ke BPOM

  10. saya kebetulan mencari lilin aroma terapi untuk Gerai kami di Jakarta.
    saya tinggal diBali.Dimana alamatnya .Terima kasih

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